Annual Art Season

Stage for Kids International Annual Art Seasons (currently Art Season 2018)

SFKI Annual Art Season 2018 kicks off with Humpty Dumpty: The untold story. Click here to download the Poster.

Stage for Kids International’s reputable annual Art Season; a collection of children’s raw art festivals, unique plays and interactive musicals, has been a staple in many schools’ calendars.

Our Art Season – a set of 3 to 4 plays, musicals and art festivals – scatter throughout the year and cater exclusively for schools in order to meet theme, level and age-appropriate educational plus life goals.

Raw, interactive and educational shows

Our plays and musicals are original including all songs that are created, developed and produced by our own team of educationalists, producers and performers. Previous Art Festivals, Plays & Musicals have included;

Don’t Litter Jack!

I Want to be a Dinosaur

Blue the Cat

Writing Under the Moon

Shoo! Bee, Shoo!

… and others!

To know about our upcoming festival or performance; please visit, or contact us at You may visit your Youtube Channel for videos of our songs/events.