Social Responsibilities

“Knowledge is power”

We believe that as global educationalists, artists and people of the world, we have a responsibility in ensuring the availability and easy access of holistic education for children in various segments of society, regardless of social standing, financial background, race, religion, nationality, gender or skin color.

In practice, every year we run two projects, Edu-Outreach and The Traveling Storyteller in serving that purpose. No child should be void or restricted in educational exposure.

Working with generous corporate and individual sponsors, we visit both local and international schools, children’s homes and orphanages, hospitals and child-based organizations with those programs.

We also collaborate with non-profit organizations to highlight issues that affect our environment, animal and wildlife, aid in volunteerism and rescue during and after natural disasters and health matters.

In addition, we;

* Practice a paperless administrative system

* Practice the 3R; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

* Invite groups of children from organizations and orphanages to attend our plays and musicals

If you would like to either collaborate with us or sponsor our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us at