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Our Value-Added Enrichment Programs include;
* 95% of the songs we use in our enrichment classes have been produced (and new songs are produced every Semester!) by our own creative team in North America, UK and Singapore! Ours are original; not generic – to cater to the learning goals and needs of children in our programs!
* Schools running our programs get to attend one of our plays or musicals in our Annual Art Seasons to enrich learning and ensure a holistic experience (once every two years).
* Every Semester, we hold a Class-time-Party during class in conjunction with either our Curriculum, celebrations (like Halloween that include carving pumpkins demonstrations, Racial Harmony Day, etc) or aligning with the release of movies, shows or exhibitions. Our parties allow children to experience Drama, Speech and the Visual Arts through party games, costume dressing up and face/hand painting!
* Termly Parent Letters will be given to parents to ensure communication and update of program activities and curriculum information
… and more! Contact us at for more!





Below are Posters and Pictures for Your Viewing Pleasure!


Annual Art Season 2018 – October/December 2018. Tickets open for booking/sale in August.

Thank you for the successful run of Humpty: The Untold Story! Pictures are right below!


Below are a few photos for your viewing pleasure. To know about our Enrichment Programs and other Programs, please click on the Menu above! Happy 2018!


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