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Banned – Blacklist

Dates: 28 Dec 2021
Jumie Haron
Email –

Issue – Confirmed for the position, but did not reply to offer. No contact whatsoever.

Dates: 29 Dec 2021
Name: Qilah
Chosen slot: 2pm, 29/12/21
Mobile: +65 83151909
Issue: Invited to a zoom interview, 2 minutes later said ok, and we sent her the zoom link. A minute later replied saying she could not.
When we asked her to send us a disclaimer email, she did not reply. Idiot.

20th Jan 2022

– name: Rafiana
– the chosen slot: 20th Jan, Thursday, 11am
– mobile number: 83397239
– direct email address┬áto attend the interview:
– issues: Applied to job, offered an interview, given link, replied with she can’t take up job because of schedule and timing. Thank heavens we dodged a bullet.
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