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FAQs of Curriculum Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Help me understand the Curriculum/Modules a little more, please?

What do you mean by Six-Module Curriculum version and Ten-Module Curriculum version?

Each lesson plan is made up of modules. Modules are a category of activity. For example; we have Show & Tell, Story Time! and others as Module Categories. These Modules work on different (and sometimes, overlapping) skills, education and experience including the following – Drama, Creativity & Imagination, Intra-Interpersonal Skills, Movement & Song, and Character Development.

The Six-Module Curriculum means that the lesson plan is made up of six modules that work on the above skills, and the Ten-Module Curriculum version has more learning modules.

In the Six-Module Curriculum, the lesson plans will include the following Modules: Welcome/Warm-up!, Group Discussion, What’s in the Magic Box?, Story Time! Theatre Games and Mind-Map!

In the Ten-Module Curriculum, the lesson plans will also include the following Modules: Hey Mr. Postman, Social-Roleplay, Emotion-in-Motion & Where Are My Manners.

Please note that every lesson plan does not include EVERY module; each lesson plan will be made up of varying Modules of between four to six. This ensures that learners experience a variety of activities and exercises in every lesson. The length (time) of each lesson varies; with factors including learners’ capabilities, teachers learning goals, and more.

What do you mean by End User License only?

It means that the materials and tools purchased are to be used as your teaching/learning resource only; with the end user being you and your students. Our Curriculum and other tools that come with the bundles are not to be resold. None of our Curriculum Bundles come with a Reseller license.

For companies with different branches, a bundle is required to be purchased for every branch.

If I am an enrichment provider wanting to use the curriculum, how long will each package last for, in terms of terms or semester?

As an enrichment provider, you are likely going to go to a school to teach once a week, between forty-five minutes to an hour and half per session. Each Curriculum Package of Ten lessons will give you a term.

What is the suitable age group for the curriculum?

The Dramatic Speech and Character Development Program Curriculum have been developed for children up to the age of 7 years old.

Which language do these Curriculum come in?

These Curriculum were created in the English language only.

Do the packages come with the books?

The curriculum packages come with a list of recommended books, as storytelling & language learning is a part of the program and/or curriculum theme. However, Stage for Kids do not own any of the books included/recommended in the curriculum & lesson plans. The books purely serve as theme anchor and learning tools. We do, however, recommend that you purchase them on your own; or replace those books with your collection. Let us know ( if you would like advice on where to order the books.

Do we get to choose the songs?

The songs have been pre-packed into bundles in random order. They do include; (a) a Welcome to Class Song, (b) Warming up our bodies songs, and (c) Games/Activity Songs that are closely related to the Curriculum Theme you have chosen.

Do we get to choose the Drama Activity/Worksheets?

These have been pre-packed in bundles and come in random order.

Are we going to use these curriculum under the Stage for Kids brand? Will the materials contain the Stage for Kids logo/branding?

No, you will not be running the program/curriculum as Stage for Kids Global or present the program as Stage for Kids Global.

All the materials including curriculum will be white-listed (without branding or logo). This means, you can add your brand or school logo – repackaging it as your own!

However, please note that the materials come only with an End User License (a Teacher, a School, or an Enrichment Provider). If you are a chain of schools, you will need to get a license for each school.branch. If you are an enrichment provider, you are allowed to use the curriculum in the schools, BUT the schools cannot have copies of the curriculum.

None of our program curriculum come with a Reseller License.

Who created these Curriculum & where were they created?

All Stage for Kids Global Program Curriculum have been created by our in-house curriculum developers, led by Mr. Emil Antoan. He is the Founder, CEO, Master Developer & Principal Trainer for Stage for Kids Global, Stage for Kids International & Inspiration for Kids International. All programs were made in Singapore. Teacher Emil has been in the field for almost two decades, having taught and trained both children and adults in Singapore, USA, UK, Malaysia, & Japan. Stage for Kids Global has been in Singapore for more than a decade.

Do you have a refund policy?

Unfortunately; we do not offer refunds for our Curriculum Bundles. Once they have become accessible to you and downloaded by you; they would have been marked as received and used.

If I purchase a Standard Bundle, would I be able to then upgrade to the other bundles?

Yes, you may, but you have a 30-Day window to do so; after which we will not be able to upgrade your purchase. Please get in touch with us at for the purchase upgrade.

Are we going to get any training on running the program/curriculum with the Consultation Curriculum/Curricula Bundles?

Yes, the zoom sessions will be a combination of program briefing, curriculum/module training, trainer skills and characteristics, and related questiona. You are welcome to also use the time to discuss and engage in conversation on other related subjects. The meeting time must remain strictly as stated; no extensions allowed.

Do we get support after purchase?

Bundles without the consultation do not get the support or training; although the Curriculum can be easily learned and applied. However, you may send us an email at with your questions, and we may be able to provide some help (subject to availability and time constraints).

Have other queries? Send us an email at

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