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Performance Kits Sale

Performance Bundles

Are you wanting to put on a class or school performance? Have you figured out your school’s year-end graduation performance?

Or would you like to direct and produce your very own musical, selling tickets to the public? Why not purchase one of our Performance Bundles; and spend your time worrying ONLY on the casting, directing and all other logistical needs?

What are the Performance Bundles? Performance Bundles are performing sets that include;

* Script (Lines, Character Description, Scene Description)
* Costume Suggestion List
* Music/Song: with Voice & Instrumental/Minus One
* Song Lyrics
* Two Worksheets, if you want your audience to participate in a after-event workshop or activity
* Standard Poster (PDF/PNG/JPG/SVG)

In Year 2023, the Performance Bundles Available for Sale are:
* I Want To Be A Dinosaur
* The Little Red Hen
* The Boy Who Cried Wolf
* Humpty Dumpty; the Untold Story
* Blue the Cat
* Jacob the Brave

the following are Poster Sample included in the respective Performance Bundle. You may click on each poster to go to the Bundle Purchase Page, or to find more information.

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