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The List of Performances for the Annual Art Season 2021 has been released!


Stage for Kids International Annual Art Season

Stage for Kids International is an arts group that runs the reputable Annual Art Season; a collection of children’s organic plays, original musicals and creative art festivals exclusively for preschools and child care centres in South East Asia. 2 to 4 of our performances scatter throughout the year.

These performances are exclusive to schools and educational organizations as they are interactive and inclusive between actors and audience.

A workshop follows each performance to enhance the child’s arts experience through hands-on activities and art projects to create and take home.

What’s happening in 2021? (Now moved to 2022)

Dee, the Disabled Dinosaur


Jacob, Be Brave



What’s happened in 2019:
Staying true to dramatic creativity; here are the performances completed in 2019:

————————————————- Dates: 22nd May 2019 – 7th June 2019 – Success! Thank you!

————————————————- Blue the Cat – A Successful Run! Thank you to All! Dates: 25th Feb 2019 – 22nd Mar 2019

Below are a few of our past events:

Humpty Dumpty: The Untold Story

Don’t Litter Jack!

I Want to be a Dinosaur

Blue the Cat

Writing Under the Moon

Shoo! Bee, Shoo!

… and others!

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