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Sale: Program Curriculum

Every year in September, Stage for Kids Global sells a collection of curricula specializing in drama, speech, and character development for children ages three years old and above.
These curricula are suitable for schools wanting to run their own in-house program or are for entrepreneurs wanting to start their own enrichment program business. There is an annual sale quote to ensure regulation of the program.

Why not buy our ready-for-use curriculum? Save time, energy and resources by purchasing our program packages that include lesson plans, original songs, worksheets, program handbook and even parent letters for parent communication and promotions!

Don’t worry about the content – just focus on the business, the trainers, and your growth!

Curriculum Packages are now available for purchase. The list of Curricula Themes are available, just scroll down, and click on the posters to go to the Curriculum Sale page.

Curriculum PAckages

Curricula Themes Available for Sale in 2022

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