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Service Provider Detail Extraction Service

Dear Service Providers,
Thank you for having provided your valuable service to Stage for Kids arts group! We are ever so grateful. Just as you have provided your service, we hope the experience we have given you is invaluable in your experience in the arts and education. We rely on service providers to help us with the various little projects we embark on – and as an arts group – we are thankful.
As you are well aware; as a service provider – you are responsible for all your logistics, checks and finances. We disburse all payments to service providers at the end of each month – just as you are not required to submit invoices to claim for the service you have given; we also do not print out and distribute invoices. You are required to check the payments independently and get back to us within 90 days for any errors or corrections.
Under special circumstances; we may even help you check for details before 180 days. Records are closed after 180 days (6 months).

However; for whatever reason you fail to do so and would like to check in with us after the 180 day (and up to a maximum of 365 days), you may request for an extraction using the form below.
There’s an extraction fee of $25 per request (including the sending of your extraction request via email) or request we snail mail you the extraction results at an additional fee of $3 for mailing cost.
Why the extraction? The administrative charge will go to; *getting someone to search for the details *contacting the bank for the details *time required to do get the results and send out this extraction.

This extraction service may take up to 30 working day from the date of extraction order, before results may be found; and sent to you. We hope you understand the time it takes to carry out such work.

Before you request for this extraction, please be informed that all materials belonging to SFKI/SFKG must have been returned to us. Service providers are not allowed to bring home any materials under any circumstances; and for whatever reason these materials were taken home – you are required to return these items within 30 days of taking them back. Or within 10 working days from the last day of your service to SFKI.

We thank you once again for your wonderful service!

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