Zoom Interview: Enrichment Dept / Personal Admin Assistant (Part-Time, Home Based)

Job description (As posted on Indeed: https://employers.indeed.com/jobs/view?id=018f25087803)

I am a CEO of an established educational company looking for a part time admin for one of my departments. It is the preschool enrichment department.
You work from home but you must meet me once a month in person, and on zoom once a week to report all work/duties.

We shall begin with 5 hours a week, pay is $10/hour.
You must:
– have laptop, wifi, you will need to do plenty of download and upload, and editing of pictures to update parents of children in our programs on the company’s website (using wordpress, you will need to meet me for me to teach you) – so you must be good on the internet etc
– update company website for our enrichment parents weekly
– prepare monthly staff hours for salary payments
– prepare monthly or termly invoices for our school clients
– send and communicate with schools/clients when need using the company phone (to be provided)
– communicate with staff, prepare work schedule & update team’s information page (wordpress)
– catch up on staff on the group chat (using phone app Signal) and engage-update them on what’s happening within the group and within the company (at leas twice a week to keep the engagement)
– update company social network facebook pages
– shop for materials or supplies (as and if needed)
– go to schools to sort out paperwork, if need
– all other admin work needed as requested by me.

You MUST be:
– able to reply to messages on weekday afternoons as and when messages come
– be dynamic, have initiative, loud, fun, friendly as you will manage drama people
– be resourceful and communicative, the current admin person is struggling because she does not communicate or speak up
– fully vaccinated

Working with me, the CEO:
I am creative, fierce, fair, straightforward, often unreasonable, very dynamic, extremely efficient, and no-nonsense. You need to get the work done, you get it done because if I did and I could, so can you. I’m not here to play games.

If you do well, and I have learned to trust you and know you better, you may do more, etc. For now, I don’t know you and you are possibly going to take over the admin work for a department I started twenty years ago, so understand, please, the importance of this post and the commitment I need.

Please book your appointment. Either Saturday, 30th Apr or Monday, 2nd May 2022. If the slot you prefer is no longer available, you may send us an email for the slot you would like (within the given set of slots) and I will interview you with the other individual.
We will email out the zoom interview details/url 2 hours before each booked slots.
Thank you, and see you soon.

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