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Empowering children and teachers for nearly two decades #SFKG #WeAreEpic
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Stage for Kids Global, represented by Founder & CEO, Mr. Emil Antoan, released an Open Letter to the United Nations, calling for an immediate resolution and ceasefire in Gaza for the sake of children, innocent families and civilians. To read this Open Letter, click here.

Stage for Kids Global... #twodecades

Stage for Kids Global continues to soar high! We provide exceptional Enrichment Programs to preschools & in our Studio 77, we run awesome camps to both preschools and the general public & we conduct workshops (both live & online) for educators & parents! We’ve been sprinkling all that magic for two decades! #SFKG #epic #experienced #twodecades
Our sister arts group; Stage for Kids International has been running the highly regarded Annual Theatre Season, a yearly set of unique, interactive and raw plays and musicals that are exclusively for preschools & organizations for children ages 2 to 8 years old.
We don’t just teach; we inspire, cultivate & motivate children to become exceptional & intelligent individuals of the future. To be wise, confident, kind, dramatic, expressive, creative and most of all; courageous. We do it all in our classrooms, in dramatic and joyful fashion
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Drama, Communication & Character Development

The Drama, Communication & Character Development Program is a holistic & inspiring enrichment program using drama as a vessel for age-appropriate theatre experience & education, communication skills, & character/behavioral development.

This program is most suited for children ages 3 to 7 years old; where they will benefit the most from the classtime interaction, experimentation and exploration whilst immersed in social games, challenges, deportment, storytelling, song, theatre games, creative movement, role-play & dramatization.

Our trainers are present to inspire, educate, cultivate, motivate, and enhance crucial skills, abilities, and knowledge: introduce, practice and master age-appropriate drama knowledge, mechanics and elements, cultivate confidence in communication, conversation, & creative expressions, inspire and develop good & positive habits and inter/intrapersonal skills, and develop character/behavior of individuals. The best part? Our classes are fun!


A well-rounded child is one inspired to explore future art possibilities, be present in the present creative environment, whilst also learning from the appropriate past. Fused with the goal to inculcate and empower individuality; you have the Art Masters Appreciation & Individualism Program… an art program with an emphasis on experience and process.

Our out-of-this-world termly curricula take us on a holistic adventure. Our art projects will enhance skills, creativity, knowledge, and freedom of expression. Global-conscious themes and famous artists take centre stage; including  Picasso, Monet, Frida, Pollock, Cassatt and Warhol!



 holistic arts & drama
 inspiring & empowering

Stage for Kids International
Annual Theatre Seasons

enrichment classes + interactive stage experience for a holistic drama & arts education

For two decades, I have worked with children, families, educators, leaders, schools and organizations around the world on the art & power of drama and creative education, storytelling and communication, creative confidence & expressions, & most importantly, character development in young children. 

Stage for Kids Global was founded on the basis of cultivating crucial and beneficial educational and personal skills & habits in our children; using drama, art & storytelling as vessel.

In addition, our enrichment programs are bound by my organization’s system and belief that our enrichment classrooms be filled with care, love, positive energy & discipline, support, interaction, and inspiration. 

When your child leaves our classroom; we want them enriched, more educated, braver, HAPPIER, and motivated.  

Sign your child up into our enrichment programs; ask if your child’s school offers the Drama, Communication & Character Development Program.” – Founder & CEO, Emil Ant (Singapore/UK). Teacher Emil is a behavior technologist and a specialist in curriculum development in Communication, Literacy & Language (English), Drama & Storytelling, Musical Theater, and Character-Development in Young Children. For two decades, he has trained both children and educators in various countries including Japan, USA, Malaysia, and mostly, in UK and Singapore.

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