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Greeting from Stage for Kids Global

A Stage for Kids Global Trainer inspires and is inspired, motivates and is motivated, and dynamic both in their work and their professional habits.
They are excitable, communicative, energetic, humble but grateful, caring, a team player, and most of all; expressive.
We firmly believe that to develop exceptional young individuals; our trainers need to be the faces and leaders with wonderful values. If you are one; we want you.
Our trainers are put through an intensive training camp to get certified in teaching our programs.
We invite you to apply for a position with us if you;
  • Come from a theater or arts background and/or have child care experience
  • Have an excellent grasp of the English Language
  • Have boundless energy, positivity, and love having an amazing time,
  • Understand and are able to stay committed to your responsibilities for at least a year.
  • Want and will humbly learn and grow from our intensive training, challenges and expectations.
*Please do not call for job availability. Only applications via will be accepted. Click below.

Please go to for job openings.

References from Stage for Kids Global

We do not provide references or letter of recommendations to all previous employees or alumni UNLESS the individuals are given a copy of the Mark of Excellence Trainer Letter.

To obtain the Stage for Kids Global (SFKG) Mark of Excellence Trainer Letter, the employee would have;

* Worked with and for Stage for Kids Global (Any country) for a minimum of 24 months (Two Years),
* Have gone through a minimum of 21 Combined days of official training by an SFKG Principal Trainer over a period of 24 months (minimum 120 hours of training, consultation, & Open Doors),
* Have taught children from a minimum range of two years (example: Taught a group of 4 year olds and a group of 5 year olds),
* Have presented a year end graduation performance or exhibition for at least once every 24 months,
* Have taught at least two different programs with Stage for Kids Global,
* Highly recommended, and approved by the Chief Executive Officer of Stage for Kids Global at the time of hire.

The Mark of Excellence Trainer Letter is provided automatically to trainers who have met all of the above conditions when they depart with SFKG. These letters come with a serial number that allows future employers to conduct background checks.

Individuals who provide references by Stage for Kids Global but do not have the Mark of Excellence Trainer Letter (with serial number) are not officially recognised or are usually recommended by SFKG.

We only recommend excellence.

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