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We run Enrichment Programs in Drama, Speech, & Art in preschools in South-East Asia.

Stage for Kids Global has been serving exceptional enrichment programs in creative drama, literacy, storytelling, and visual arts to preschools and organizations on the global stage for years. Stage for Kids Global is a part of the Stage for Kids Network.
(also including Stage for Kids International, TV.StageforKids, Shop.StageforKids, ClassLah.com & Noticeboard.StageforKids.com).

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Please contact us (hello@stageforkids.com) to explore how our programs can benefit your child’s learning and growing needs. Programs available for schools are;

  • Dramatic Speech with Theatrics (English) (1.5 years – 7 years old)
  • Art Masters Appreciation (2 years – 7 years old)
  • Little Chefs (5 years – 7 years old) – Closed until further notice
  • Little Scientists (5 years – 7 years old) – Closed until further notice

More on our Programs… (programs Singapore);

Dramatic Speech with Theatrics

The Dramatic Speech with Theatrics is a drama, speech & storytelling, and self/social -awareness program that include; dramatic and interactive storytelling to work on language and literacy skills – dramatic movement and games with songs to inspire confidence and class-time commitment – role-play and dramatization for imaginative and creative expression; whilst exploring emotions, thoughts and ideas, social habits and other life-building skills.

Our self-developed curriculum set children on an journey within the classroom; through Learning Stations. Our supply of materials include songs that our international group of artists and educators have produced in UK, USA and Singapore. Not forgetting our use of puppets and other learning props to ensure a truly holistic dramatic experience. In our class, our children learn to be “brave, kind and to share their voice!”

We don’t just teach. We inspire.

Through our sessions, children explore many virtues of life; caring/sharing, kindness, consideration and acceptance of others.

Want to check out our songs? You may find them on TV.StageforKids.com, new songs are developed every term – so each time is a new experience!


Art Masters Appreciation: Art Program

A well-rounded child is one who tries in the modern world, whilst learning from the appropriate past. With Art Masters Appreciation, we take a trip in time to the past, immerse ourselves in the present and jump forward into the future – exploring art in its finest, learning from Art Masters like Picasso, Monet, Frida, Pollock, Cassatt and Warhol.

In addition to our Artist-centric curriculum; our other subjects include Social-Environmental themes. Some of them are World Cultures, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle, Build a Volcano, Batik World & Print, Print and more Print!

Art Masters objectives: the Art Master Fundamentals (theories, ideas, knowledge, history), Self-Skills (introduction and practise of various motor and cognitive skills) and Craft Projects (putting theory in practicals; and plans and ideas into movement, action and tangible products).

Our art curriculum is holistic; it is integrated with modules to include literacy to help us better understand art, its various histories and its origins, and art fundamentals. More modules enhance every child’s art experience.

Get in touch to begin the journey.






Little Chefs

The Power Little Chefs program is a culinary adventure for children ages between 5 years old to 7 years old.

This unique program encourages children to participate as individuals, and in groups in various easy-to-make recipes, and introduces various kitchen tools and a plethora of ingredients to whet their educational experiences!
They will be able to create their own age appropriate masterpieces with friends and teachers (and parents/helpers for the accompanied sessions), to be eaten in school or taken home.

On top of the culinary activities, children get to actively participate in song, games and all other activities to ensure the goals and targets of each session are achieved holistically.

Notes for Little Chefs Sessions:
(a) In each session, children embark on a culinary adventure according to the recipe of the day.
(b) Healthy and clean habits are encouraged, and requested i.e cleaning hands, ensuring clean utensils and crockery, keeping areas clean, disposing of unused/unwanted ingredients, etc
(c) Introductions of utensils/crockeries and ingredients
(d) Children handle utensils and crockeries after proper instructions are given, and are under supervision
(e) At the end of the sessions, children would have completed an array of delectable culinary recipes

* Please contact us for information on Little Scientists & My Green Thumb – Let’s Garden programs.
Hello@stageforkids.com / Hello@stageforkidsglobal.com


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