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Network Overview

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Stage for Kids Global
Established educational services and products for the preschool sector through enrichment programs, classes, camps, theatre performances and teacher training.

Shop.StageforKids is the official online store for Stage for Kids Global; offering tools and materials to help children, educators and parents achieve excellence. Explore available products at

Inspiration for Kids International
Serves to connect with young people & children (ages up to 16 years old) through various channels, mostly videos and webinars, with the objective of educating, inspiring, cultivating and motivating positive habits, values, the different parts of intelligence, social-personal skills and character development. Visit

Booksies An online marketplace for the trading of e-books and other online publications. Everyone is welcome to open an account, and start selling their own creative work! Booksies gives a free e-book every Sunday (Singapore time, 11 am) Get This Week’s Free E-book
Academy.InspirationforKids Offers online courses for children & young people; focusing on creative and communication confidence, character development & life/social skills.
Classlah! An online learning platform for affordable online courses; fcourses that cost between 99 cents up to $59.99 only. Now, everyone can teach and learn!
TheInspired.Academy Offers online courses for educators & guardians; focusing on both teaching skills & environment, and personal/professional development. www.TheInspired.Academy
Stage for Kids @ Studio 77 Stage for Kids reopen our drama centre via Studio 77 (77 Indus Road, #01-499) Come and register for our termly programs and camps!
LessonMakers! An online freelancer marketplace for educators, creators and families. Create, Share, Buy & Sell effective and beneficial lesson plans, activity sheets, training kits, and more tools and materials for education on
Looking for a position in the education sector? Look no further than; a job site focusing on your career in the education sector.

Collaborate.City A directory and membership platform for global educators to connect, share, create, engage and sale/buy tools, materials, training and more!
Stage for Kids Podcast The Stage for Kids Podcast caters to both kids and adults; and focus on drama education, character development, storytelling, communication & conversations & more! Subscribe to Stage for Kids Podcast; available on ALL major podcast platforms!
EnrichmentList EnrichmentList is a directory of enrichment programs in South East Asia; from Singapore to Hong Kong. Come get listed; and come explore what’s available for your child in your city!
Objects.forSale A classifieds ad website catering to popular cities in South East Asia!
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