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Studio 77

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Drama, Communication & Character Development Program in 2024…

will begin in Term Two (April 2024), giving our trainers ample time to reopen and successfully establish their classes in our partner schools, and complete the March School Holiday Camp 2024.
This year; we only offer public classes to two age groups, the Epic Adventures (5-6 year olds) and Stage Heroes (6+-8 year olds).
Limited spaces available, we recommend booking the classes early.

Registration for Enrichment 2024 now open

option one: Paynow

Step One: Download the form
Step Two: Complete the form
Step Three: Make payment via Paynow or QR code for the amount of $380 (registration fee, $20 included). Please include the name of the child in the Remark section of this payment.
Step Four: Write down the transaction number on the registration form, or printscreen the payment, and email the form to us at
We will confirm within 24 hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions or are facing issues.

paynow qr code:

option two: debit, credit, Google pay, apple pay, paynow – via stripe payment

Step One: Download and complete registration form and send it to us at after making payment below via debit, credit, google pay or paynow.
Step Two: We will be in touch after payment is made, within 24 hours

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions or are facing issues.

stage for kids A Studio 77-themed qr code displaying the words scan to pay.

option three: In-Person, Studio 77

Step One: Download and complete the relevant form, below (you may also get a copy from Studio 77)
Step Two: Complete the form
Step Three: Make payment via Paynow at Studio 77, and receive the confirmation immediately
Step Four: Studio 77 will be open Monday to Friday, 11 am to 2 pm only for the whole of August 2023. Thank you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have questions or are facing issues.

Enrichment Programs @ studio 77

Enrichment Programs to Develop Exceptional Young People. Programs:

Epic Adventures – for Children ages 5-6 years old.
Fridays (3.30 pm – 5.30 pm) & Saturdays (11.00 am – 1.00 pm)

Stage for Heroes – for Children ages 6+-8 years old.
Thursdays (3.30 pm – 5.30 pm) & Saturdays (230 pm – 4.30 pm)

8 Dates/Term.

Please drop in an email at

The Drama, Communication & Character Development Program is a holistic & exploratory enrichment program using drama as a vessel for theatre education/experience, effective communication,  & self/character development.

This program is most suited for children ages between 4 to 8 years old; where they benefit the most from interaction, experimentation and exploration in games, challenges, storytelling, song, movement and dramatization.

All participants become actors; and these actors immerse in different weekly lessons plans; each with either a fresh learning objective or one to enhance a previous goal. Actors move between Learning Stations in the classroom; both indoor and outdoor. Our Studio 77 has a conducive environment; both indoor and outdoor.

We strive to inspire, educate, cultivate, motivate and enhance the following skills, abilities, and knowledge: introduce, practice and improve drama mechanics and elements, cultivate confidence in communication, conversation, & creative expressions, inspire and develop good & positive habits and inter/intrapersonal skills, and develop character to become exceptional individuals. The best part? Our classes are fun!

Every Term, in addition to our indoor lessons, we will also commit to:

  • Outdoor games, challenges and activities – we love the sun, the greens and the fresh breeze.
  • Baking Day! We will get to bake as a team once a term, and hopefully, get to enjoy our fruits of labor with our families!
  • Create a group project to benefit one of the following: Art Objective, Social Awareness Objective, Literacy Objective, Environmental Objective.
  • Get to create – through the term – an end of term video for sharing with families and friends.… and more!

For Term One 2024; we have selected a classic Disney Musical called Bedknobs & Broomsticks as base Curriculum Theme; weekly lessons will include the following subjects:

  • Finding courage to explore
  • Playing our parts in the team
  • Characterization: how to create a character – role play
  • Let’s Make Cookies!
  • Art: Valley of Trees & Tulips… others.

Lessons for each age-groups will be conducted appropriately according to the learning needs, skills and abilities of each age group.

A 10-15 minute snack break will take place around the middle of each session (only basic biscuits or bread will be available if need, families are encouraged to pack snacks for each lesson.

All foods/ingredients used/sourced are halal-labeled. Please let us know of your child’s food allergies.

The Principal Trainer for Studio 77 classes is, Teacher Emil; who is both First Aid Trained & Certified, and Food Safety & Food Handling Certified.

Join us, and register here!

Studio 77 Classes Led by Stage for Kids Global Founder, Teacher Emil

Principal Trainer, Founder and CEO of Stage for Kids Global, Teacher Emil, will lead classes in Studio 77; supported by exceptional Teacher Assistants.  For nearly two decades, Teacher Emil has been teaching both children and adults all over the world in drama, character development, speech confidence, and art/creative expressions . Now, in addition to running Stage for Kids Global, Teacher Emil teaches in Studio 77 in Singapore.

The program available in Studio 77 is the Drama, Communication & Character Development Program; falling into the three age groups:

  1. Epic Adventures (5-6years old)
  2. Stage Heroes (6+-8 years old)

Teacher Emil is…
* CPR + AED trained and certified
* Certified in Food Safety & Food Handling

Address: 77 Indus Road, #01-499, Singapore 160077

Community Cabinet @ Studio 77

Studio 77 by Stage for Kids Global has setup space for the Community Cabinets & Public Bookshelf. Everyone’s invited to donate items by placing them in these cabinets. These items are free for anyone to take.
You are welcome to donate food items (non-perishables only), tools, supplies, books and other small items for sharing with those who may need them.
If your child is in a Stage for Kids Program in school; you are welcome to donate your items by handing them over to our trainers.

We’ve been getting amazing responses and donations; and we’re grateful to be able to provide the space for everyone.

Thank you!

xx Team @ Stage for Kids Global

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