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Stage for Kids Global Network & Stage for Kids International
10 Anson Road
International Building
Singapore 077903

Alternatively, you may contact us via call or Text Stage for Kids International General Hotline:
+65 8779 4574

TellyforKids!: +65 8857 6808

Teachers Enrich!: +65 8857 6808

(Open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 6 pm. Closed on weekends and Public Holidays.)


A Little About Us.

Speaking Life into Dreams. Dramatically.

Stage for Kids Global, a member of the Stage for Kids Network, has been around for more than a decade and a half; and we are truly grateful for every one of those years. We provide exceptional Enrichment Programs in preschools & organizations; and conduct Camps for children and Workshops for teachers in South-East Asia.

Our sister arts group; Stage for Kids International has been running the highly regarded annual Art Season of unique, interactive and raw exhibitions, plays and musicals for children ages 2 to 8 years old.

We produce most of our props, tools, and other materials that we use in and outside of the child’s classroom. In addition; we have an excellent team of song and music producers who write and produce our own original songs that we use in our programs and in our musicals. You may find them on our television channel,

We strive – as a team with the children – to achieve personal and educational growth creatively, confidently and joyrfully.

Stage for Kids Global is a part of the Stage for Kids Network; which include Stage for Kids International,, Teachers Enrich! Forum and PlazaforKids!

Let’s go on on an adventure.

A little bit of History of the Annual Art Season: Stage for Kids International began in 2006 as a department focusing on Parent Workshops and Teacher Training but has, since 2010, stood its own and blasted up into stratosphere with a variety of programs for children both for term and holiday periods, Arts event and performances including musicals such as Miss Shadow and the Butterfly, Grandpa’s Gingerbread Adventure & The Lion and the Mouse.

Meanwhile, our annual children’s costume drama party; Halloween Prom has built itself a loyal following, with slots in 2016 snapped up and fully booked within three days.

All of our Arts, Drama and Performance Events and programs aim at children of ages between 2 years to 8 years old, and run holistically – with a fusion of humorous fun, educational activities, materials, and events that will not only tingle their senses, but also encourage curiosities, leading to participation, and eventually, learning.

“We work on skills that allow children to carry on with, beyond the school setting.
We allow them to learn in life. We want them to live the best.” – Enrichment/Curriculum Manager, Teacher Emil (Singapore/UK). Teacher Emil is a behavior technologist and a specialist in curriculum development and teaching in Literacy, Language (English), Speech and Drama, and Musical Theater. He has trained and taught both teachers and children (mainstream and special needs) in countries including Japan, USA, Malaysia, and mostly, in UK and Singapore.

Children and educators work together to achieve targets and goals set about by the curriculum of each program, and seek to relate all learning not only to academics, but also to real-life situations, enriching their lives, habits and understanding of the world.

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Quick look at some of our life and learning objectives…

Building of life skills through exposures of theatre-based themes, objectives and immersing in various performing and art projects and activities *Providing a platform for self-expression, creativity and individualism, in class and out *Inculcating the love for knowledge through joy-enhanced activities and projects with goals to relate all that is learned, translating into real-life *Allowing the practice of reasoning and critical-thinking: Who, What, Where, When, Why, Wow, We *Focusing on personal development with practice of real life habits, including understanding the importance of being polite, courteous and working well within a group *Boosting confidence within oneself (and others) – encouraging active speaking out and speaking up *A holistic learning approach with the fusion of literacy through active storytelling, puppet play and Share-and-Tell, mystery through games and motion/action, creativity through art projects *Stage for Kids Storytime ABCD: Attention, Bravery, Confidence & Delivery in Storytime/Language *Stress-free learning environment (both free-exploratory time and structured learning time) *Active use of both fine and gross motor skills *Cognition: use of memory skills, and application of knowledge into activities for understanding *Learning to present in 3 Sentences = 1. I am Brave 2. I Understand 3. I See You * SFKI in-house developed program (Station Rotation system) where children immerse their voices, bodies and minds in a journey through various Learning Elements under different Stations in the classroom


Have you met a couple of our Class Managers and Lesson Leaders?

Teacher Emil – Manager/Trainer/Lesson Leader

Teacher Nurul – Lesson Leader

Teacher Reiyn – Lesson Leader

Teacher Mahima – Class Manager

Teacher Afan – Lesson Leader

Teacher Nadia – Class Manager

Teacher Yi Lin – Lesson Leader

Teacher Liza – Lesson Leader

Teacher Celeste – Class Manager
Teacher Chandni – Class Manager

+ Teacher Ana, Teacher Shauna, Teacher Jia Xuan, Teacher Madhu, Teacher Wajiha ++

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